Gloss Varnish

Maison Blanche Paint Company's Varnishes are the best water-based on the market! They dry to an incredibly durable finish and are ideal for furniture finishing. Our Varnishes are specially formulated to finish surfaces painted with Maison Blanche Paints, Translucide Furniture Glaze, latex, and water based paints. When fully cured, Satin and Matte Varnishes act as a barrier against dirt and allows stains to be removed with soap and water. Apply two thin coats with a soft bristle brush or roller. Let dry completely and quickly between coats.

Gloss Varnish

  • Not all colors or products are stocked and available locally, but please don’t let that stop you! Please feel free to call the store to check if your color selection is on the shelf. If it is not on the shelf we will gladly place an online order for you and have it delivered to your address of choice for NO additional choice.


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